About us

It is our mission to make knowledge available to anyone in such a way that it is understandable and suitable for people of all ages and level of intelligence. In order to achieve this goal, we used images as the basis for the transference of knowledge. At the same time, we also state that there is not one all-encompassing form of visual education. It is often a combination of imaging techniques that tell the entire story for each individual project.

The INVOLVED material offers a range of different types of information that allows the individual to paint the bigger picture by his or her discretion.


Our journey began with the desire of Ronald van Rheenen to create a visual story that would explain his work as a Nuclear Medicine Physician. For him it was one phrase said by a mother to her 6 year old child that set is all off: “They are just going to take a picture.”


As a Physician is know the negative impact of insufficiently prepared patients;

-          Unnecessary high levels of anxiety

-          Insufficient adherence necessary pre-examination preparations

-          Increased no-shows


So he found Floris de Jonge, and together they created the very first Sunny & Tim story.

Hailed by many as a new milestone in patient education and communication.

This first success created the drive to make more stories and material, effectively trying to pave the way for true patient participation .


INVOLVED is a non-profit initiative. 

Created with love and provided for free to all people.

If you share our goal and would like to help?


Please feel free to contact us!